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Ecoco is a trademark of Ecoco Eco Cosmetics from South Africa and specifically for the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove use because the product is consistent with the philosophy of Ecoco: hypoallergenic and durable.

Ecoco Cosmetic Glove is manufactured in the EC

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How does it work?

The soft microfiber XXT-S have the property 'pollution' to take; The round, hollow fibers penetrate deep into the skin above and fill up with make up or other contamination. Features that such as cotton or cellulose(paper) did not have. Make the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove wet with clean water - hot or cold -and remove make-up quickly and effectively. No further cleaning to be used. Just water!

500 x washable

The Ecoco Cosmetic Glove is in the washing machine - up to 90 degrees - crops,however, wash without fabric softener or else the hollow fibers filled with fabric softenerand take effect upon. He can be washed at least 500 times. Therefore a verysustainable solution.

What are the characteristics and advantages of the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove?


By using ONLY water no chance of irritating the skin.
handy size
Easy to carry travel.
At least 500 times to wash. No disposable item!
No purchase cleaners and / or pads anymore.
Besides removing makeup works Ecoco Cosmetic Glove as mini scrub or peel. It removes dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling soft.
proven results
Tested by TNO, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. On request to receive the test report. Send us an email.

TNO innovation for life
Ecoco pilot store Cape Town



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