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Ecoco is a trademark of Ecoco Eco Cosmetics from South Africa and specifically for the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove use because the product is consistent with the philosophy of Ecoco: hypoallergenic and durable.

Ecoco Cosmetic Glove is manufactured in the EC

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Ecoco Cosmetic Glove, Make-up removing with water!

Hypoallergenic - Environmentally friendly – Effective

Even waterproof mascara!
The Ecoco Cosmetic Glove is designed to remove make up. Even waterproof mascara! The glove provides a mini-scrub as well. Besides make-up the Glove will remove dead skin cells and bacteria. In addition, this scrub stimulates the blood circulation. The skin feels soft and vital.


How does it work?
The soft microfiber XXT-S have the property 'pollution' to take. The soft, round, hollow fibre’s penetrate deep into the skin above and fill up with make up or other contamination. Features that such as cotton or cellulose (paper) didn't have.
Make the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove wet with clean water - hot or cold - and remove make-up quickly and effectively. No further cleansers / toners to be used. Just water!


500 x washable!
The Ecoco Cosmetic Glove can be washed in the washing machine - up to 90 degrees. Well washed without fabric softener or else the hollow fibre’s filled with fabric softener and take effect upon. The glove can be washed at least 500 times. Therefore a very sustainable solution!

Be assured of the operation of the Ecoco Cosmetic Glove. You can order a "Single Pack" to convince yourself.  A "week pack" available for the convinced users!


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